So the question remains, can the KD be packaged into a pill? At this stage, given our state of knowledge, the likely answer is NO. Then, could we take a polypharmacy approach and develop a number of pills, each with a distinct mechanistic target? Such a strategy would not be too different than what is practiced by adults – and especially, the elderly – who are by both necessity and choice on multi-drug regimens and/or multi-nutritional supplements, again with the goal of achieving health and warding off the ravages of aging and disease. There is likely no “magic bullet” that completely mirrors the anticonvulsant (and potential neuroprotective) effects of the KD; the same could be said for the treatment of the epilepsies – a group of related conditions with widely divergent etiologies, and hence a multiplicity of underlying pathophysiological mechanisms. Nevertheless, without dissecting the component pieces of the complex metabolic puzzle posed by the KD, we would again be left with only empiric observations, and to wonder curiously how a high-fat diet can exert such profound clinical effects.

Kondisi ketika lemak dalam tubuh mulai dibakar ini disebut dengan ketosis. Waktu yang dibutuhkan untuk mencapai kondisi ketosis adalah sekitar 2-4 hari setelah setelah tubuh mengonsumsi kurang dari 20-50 gram karbohidrat per hari. Itulah sebabnya orang yang menjalani diet keto bisa melihat penurunan berat badan dengan cepat. Menurut laporan, berat badan orang yang menjalani diet keto bisa turun hingga 10 kg setelah 2.5 siklus diet keto.

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is anyone thinking here about actually ‘being in ketosis’? Isn’t that part of it – no matter what is put together on a sample menu – i thought you had to have equipment and measure whether you are actually ‘in’ ketosis and also measuring the carbs to assist with this. Then and only then (at least as i understand it) does the weight loss begin. Correct? Can these keto stix etc. not be purchased at the pharmacy?
Jika Anda tidak siap untuk langsung mengubah diet Anda, bisa juga mulai dengan gaya hidup yang mudah diadaptasi. Kurangi makanan ringan olahan, tambahkan sayuran non-tepung, dan serius membatasi makanan karbohidrat seperti nasi, mie, roti, kentang, singkong, dan jagung. Kadang-kadang, perubahan kecil yang berkelanjutan juga membuahkan hasil yang bagus.
One potential explanation for the anticonvulsant action of the KD argues that increased ATP synthesis should produce a positive bioenergetic balance, allowing stabilization of the resting membrane potential via enhanced activity of Na+-K+-ATPase (Bough & Rho, 2007). Several decades ago, De Vivo and colleagues (1978) reported that the KD increased the total quantity of bioenergetic substrates (such as adenosine triphosphate, or ATP) and elevated the energy charge in rat brain. These changes were purported to stabilize the cell membrane, especially in the face of excessive excitation. Consistent with these observations, a later human study utilizing magnetic resonance spectroscopic techniques indicated that patients with epilepsy fed a KD had elevated phosphocreatine to creatine levels in the brain (Pan et al., 1999). Recently, using cDNA microarray technology, increased expression of the mitochondrial ATP synthase β,D subunit in mouse brain was reported after KD treatment (Noh et al., 2004). And in the most comprehensive study of this kind to date, the KD was found to enhance mitochondrial biogenesis and significantly increase the number of transcripts encoding energy metabolism genes in rats (Bough et al., 2006). This increase in bioenergetic capacity enabled hippocampal slices from these animals to better withstand metabolic challenge from low glucose exposure. Taken together, the prevailing notion has been that increased energy production and reserve capacity enable greater resistance to neuronal hyperexcitability and hypersynchrony.

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Apa Itu Teh Kombucha? Teh Kombucha yang popupler di negeri Tirai Bambu dengan nama teh jamur Mancuria adalah minuman probiotik hasil fermentasi larutan teh dengan gula yang kemudian ditambahkan starter mikroba dan ragi yang disebut jamur Kombucha (Scoby). Akibat fermentasi yang terjadi, teh Kombucha menjadi kaya akan vitamin dan asam amino yang berguna untuk memperbaiki …

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Horrible guidance if you’re trying to actually follow a ketogenic diet – many of the recommended foods will quickly push most people out of ketosis. Ketogenic as a Vegan is nearly impossible (if not actually so), and vegetarian is a challenge just because it’ll limit your available protein sources (animal proteins are almost always associated with fat sources as well, and quality choices there lead to “healthy” fats also). You’ll likely still want to be lacto-ovo-vegetarian or you’ll run into a lot of difficulty getting enough protein, even keeping it moderate. But switching out to eggs, upping the EVOO, coconut oil, and avocados, and including whatever dairy you can actually process, should all take care of your protein and fat needs. Just remember to focus on Fat and Fiber, keep overall protein moderate, and avoid all other carbs like the plague and you should be “in ketosis” without having to actually measure anything ritually.
Ibu tiga anak itu memiliki aturan dasar yang membantunya tetap di jalur diet keto. "Rencana saya kali ini adalah makan karbohidrat seminimal mungkin dan tidak ada biji-bijian, kacang polong atau kacang-kacangan," tulisnya. “Saya memfokuskan makanan saya pada sayuran segar dan protein tanpa lemak. Saya makan tiga kali sehari tanpa ada cemilan di antara keduanya jika memungkinkan. ”

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